Perfect Keto Review – My Experience with Exogenous Ketones

Although I definitely have a stash of supplements that I keep on hand, with everything from protein powder and vitamin D to electrolytes and BCAAs, I was always pretty skeptical about adding exogenous ketones to that collection. I’ve been keto for more than two years at this point, so certainly my body should be an expert at making it’s own ketones by now, right? And of course, the pushy sales pitches from MLM sellers on social media didn’t help at all; ketosis can certainly feel magical sometimes, but I don’t like any supplement being sold as some kind of magic instant weight loss solution.

I was always curious about them though, so when I finally came across a brand of exogenous ketones that didn’t cost a fortune and also didn’t require me to join an MLM program, I decided to give it a try.

Perfect Keto Base is designed to offer the benefits of exogenous ketones while “tasting better and being more affordable” than other options. I’ve been using it over the past few weeks, and since I know a lot of people have questions about exogenous ketones, I figured I would share some of my experience with Perfect Keto.

What Is Perfect Keto?

The main ingredient in Perfect Keto Base is beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB), one of the ketones that your body uses for energy while in ketosis. Supplementing with BHB in the form of exogenous ketones raises your blood ketone levels, which is associated with improved mood/focus, increased energy, and the other effects you might be familiar from a keto lifestyle (such as weight loss, reduced cravings, etc.).

I’ve heard supplementing ketones described as being similar to a keto version of those sugary “energy chews” that a lot of runners use to boost performance/energy during races. When your body runs on carbs, you can use sugar for a boost; when you’re in ketosis, you can use ketones. A big difference being that there’s no sugar crash from BHB, of course.

Perfect Keto Review

What Are The Benefits?

I don’t have a blood meter to test for ketone levels (and the urinalysis strips have notorious accuracy issues, especially for long term ketoers), but I actually did see a pretty significant increase in my ketone levels as measured by a breath test. Because of the way it helps to raise ketone levels, Perfect Keto is supposed to be helpful for new ketoers trying to avoid the “keto flu” as well as experienced ketoers trying to return to ketosis after eating carbs.

What I really like about Perfect Keto is that they make it perfectly clear that exogenous ketones obviously don’t make you “magically burn fat.” However, after my experience over several weeks, I do feel like they are worth considering for ketoers looking for an extra boost in results.

Some effects were pretty much immediately noticeable. Even from my first 1/2 scoop serving, I felt more energetic, focused, and motivated to get things done. Taking it regularly, I don’t feel exhausted at the end of a long day or in the middle of a long workout, and I even found myself wanting to exercise on days where I know I normally would have looked for an excuse not to…simply because my mood was better and I had the energy.

I also did break a pretty long weight loss stall about a week after I started taking Perfect Keto and the scale has continued to move since, but I’m not sure if that’s because of the elevated ketone levels directly or just because I pushed a bit harder in my workouts as a result of the extra energy. Either way, it’s a definite plus for me!

Perfect Keto Review

How Does It Taste?

I can’t compare it to other brands, since I haven’t tried other BHB powders, but I can definitely say that if you read the same horror stories that I did about keto supplements tasting like battery acid, that isn’t a problem with Perfect Keto. It comes in two flavors: Chocolate Sea Salt and Peaches and Cream. There is a slight saltiness from the BHB in both, but I think the natural flavors do a good job of masking it, and it’s not really noticeable to me when I mix it with something other than plain water.

For example, if you want something that tastes like a “fancy” mocha drink, blend the Chocolate Sea Salt Perfect Keto with coffee, cream, cacao butter, and optionally some extra MCT Oil/Powder. Sweeten to taste and thank me later.

Perfect Keto Review

Which Flavor Is Best?

I like both, so I can’t say that I really have a strong preference. Which flavor I have depends more on what I want to mix it with than anything else. Chocolate Sea Salt is really good mixed with coffee, almond milk, and/or dairy. Peaches and Cream is good with almond milk too, but I really like it mixed with tea or blended into a low carb berry smoothie. If you plan to mix your exogenous ketones with just water, I would say Peaches and Cream is best for that. Overall, Chocolate Sea Salt is more rich in flavor and Peaches and Cream is more fruity, exactly as you would expect from the names.

When/How Do You Take It?

Over the past couple of months, I’ve used Perfect Keto as everything from a morning energy boost, to a preworkout drink, to an afternoon pick-me-up, and I think it works well for all of those uses. Since I am currently experimenting with a dedicated preworkout powder that also has added BHB, right now I mainly use Perfect Keto on my off days to keep my energy, metabolism, and ketone levels up. I’ll also use it whenever I feel like I need some extra focus or energy. I tend to use 1/2 of a scoop at a time depending on how I feel.

Are There Side Effects?

I know some people get an upset stomach from a full dose of MCT oil and the same can be true for exogenous ketones. Although Perfect Keto is formulated to avoid stomach issues, you might still want to start off with a smaller dose if you’re one of those people. As a side note, if you are sensitive to MCT oil, you might want to consider making the switch to a powdered version instead. I’ve also tried Perfect Keto’s MCT Oil Powder, and it blends easily without making your drink/food feel greasy and is also supposed to be much easier to digest than straight oil.

As far as other side effects go, one of the things I actually like so much about Perfect Keto is the ability to get a quick energy boost without the side effects of excess caffeine or other stimulants. There are no jitters, racing heartbeat, insomnia, etc. I would describe it as a very natural and “smooth” feeling energy compared to the energy high/crash cycle that you might get from a traditional energy drink.

My Thoughts Overall

Like I said, I never really expected to get into exogenous ketones, but I’m actually really glad I gave Perfect Keto a try. In addition to helping me break a weight loss stall, I find it really convenient to have on hand for those days when I need extra energy or focus. I feel the effects of it even when I only use a partial scoop (which means a tub lasts longer) and the price is more affordable than the other options I’ve seen on the market without any MLM strings attached.

Want to try it for yourself? Perfect Keto is offering an awesome deal for 20% off when you go here and use the code TRYKETO at checkout!

I would love to hear your results if you do try Perfect Keto. Have additional questions? Feel free to post them in the comments!

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  • Emily

    I ordered this last month after seeing this Perfect keto review. Thanks so much for the info. I was worried I was doing something wrong because I didn’t lose any weight for 3 weeks but with the Perfect keto I started losing weight again + my energy levels is so much better. I take 1/2 scoop like suggested.

  • Glenda

    Do you use Perfect Keto every day?

  • Peggy

    about two months into the keto lifestyle. enjoying the benefits so far. triathlete here,, used the PK Base as an energy drink (sampling it) for a quick brick workout– I must say whoa! it is effective! so i’m excited to try it out on a long ride this weekend. 1/2 scoop in a hydration flask does it.. but will probably need a bit more for longer hours.

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