Keto-Mojo Review – Is Keto-Mojo Worth It?

Like most of us, when I first started keto, I was desperate for assurances that I was doing it “right.” Sure, I was counting my carbs and tracking my calories, but I wanted to be sure that I was in ketosis. After all, making the switch wasn’t easy; I didn’t want it to be for nothing if it turned out I was doing it wrong.

Now I have to admit, that need to “know for sure” faded a little when I first checked the prices for blood ketone meters and testing strips. This was a few years ago, so there weren’t too many options on the market for ketone testing meters, and the ones that were available were around $80 for the initial meter, and then $4-5 per strip ongoing on top of that upfront cost. Needless to say, I ended up just spending the few bucks on a box of ketone urinalysis strips instead.

Are Ketone Urine Tests Accurate Enough?

They were fine for the first couple of months, but the longer I stayed keto and the more I looked into it, the less useful they seemed for what I wanted. There are two key changes that take place after you’ve been keto for a while that make the colors on those strips much less reliable in the long term:

  1. Your body gets better at using ketones. Obviously, those strips can only measure the ketone content leaving your body. That doesn’t say much about the ketones your body is making and using. The more efficiently your body learns to use ketones, the less excess there is going out. This means it’s possible to be well into ketosis and get a low or negative result on a urinalysis test. The opposite can also happen; if you overdo it on carbs, your body getting rid of the ketones can lead to a positive urinalysis test after leaving ketosis.
  2. Your body makes/uses more beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). If you’ve looked into ketone supplements, then you’ve probably heard of BHB. It’s the main ketone that your body uses for energy when in nutritional ketosis. Unfortunately, this is not the ketone that the urinalysis strips test for. They test for acetoacetate instead, making them less accurate the more your metabolism shifts to BHB.

Ketone Bodies

Why Keto-Mojo?

So what do you do once you’ve been eating keto for a while, and you want to make sure you’re still on track? Maybe you want to achieve a deeper level of ketosis for performance or wellness reasons, or maybe you just want to be sure that your favorite low carb treat isn’t secretly kicking you out of ketosis.

Well, if you’re like me, you go looking for a blood ketone meter! There seem to be 2-3 leading options out there, and after comparing them online, I ended up settling on the Keto-Mojo for three main reasons:

  1. Starter kit options. I’ve never tested my blood at home for anything before, so I didn’t just need a blood ketone meter…I needed all of the accessories too! I liked that Keto-Mojo had multiple starter kits that included a case, lancing device, lancets, and testing strips. I ultimately opted for the Keto-Mojo “Pro Plus” Kit, which included 60 ketone test strips and 50 glucose test strips along with the meter and accessories.
  2. Cheap testing strips! I considered the Precision Xtra as well, but it got ruled out pretty quickly after looking into the cost of the strips. Getting a starter kit from Keto-Mojo locked me into 99 cent ketone strips for life even if the price goes up later on, which works out to around 50% cheaper than the Precision strips. The glucose strips are also about half the price.
  3. For keto-ers, by keto-ers! You don’t have to be keto to make useful keto products, but I do like to support keto-focused companies when I can. I felt like I would prefer a product designed with a keto lifestyle in mind, rather than one designed primarily for managing/monitoring diabetic ketoacidosis.

Is Keto-Mojo Easy To Use?

Yup! I was a bit anxious about it at first, but the guides on the Keto-Mojo site and the instructions in the box walked me through it pretty easily. It took me just a few minutes from getting it in the mail to doing my first test. Other tasks, like checking the past readings stored in the device, took a little longer to master, but were still perfectly manageable for someone who had never used any type of blood meter before. Results for ketone readings take about 10 seconds, while blood sugar readings are about 4, so it’s pretty quick to use as well.

Keto Mojo Review

Why Would I Use Keto-Mojo?

There are a number of reasons you might want to use a device like Keto-Mojo to check your blood ketone levels. I mentioned some of mine already, but here’s a longer list:

  • To check if you are in ketosis (more accurate than other forms of testing, especially if you are keto adapted)
  • If you are specifically targeting higher blood ketone levels for athletic performance, mental focus, weight loss, or other health/wellness reasons
  • To discover if certain foods are kicking you out of ketosis
  • To determine your personal carb limit (how many carbs you can eat while remaining in ketosis)
  • To monitor ketone levels while following a cyclic or targeted keto diet
  • To be able to check blood ketones and glucose with the same device

Is Keto-Mojo Worth the Price?

I feel like I got a good deal with the Keto-Mojo starter kit discount, but there are two main things to consider regarding the cost:

  1. The upfront cost ($60-$120 depending on the kit, less after discount). Buying the starter packs that come with strips offered some built in savings, which helped make the expense feel a little more manageable.
  2. The usage costs ($0.99 per ketone testing strip). This is much cheaper than the other options I could find, and is a reasonable cost for my needs (5-10 tests per week). Note: You will also want to pick up lancets and perhaps alcohol pads, but you can get a several month supply of those for under $10 total.

Overall for what I wanted, the cost of Keto-Mojo was worth it. The initial kit came with enough strips to last a couple months, and restocking since then hasn’t felt too pricey (basically one Starbucks trip per week in cost). I look at it as an investment in my health/keto lifestyle, and that has value for me.

Overall Thoughts

After having my Keto-Mojo for several months, I’m definitely a fan! It’s easy to use, more affordable than other options, and has given me some insights that I just couldn’t have gotten from the urinalysis strips alone. Lately I’ve been trying to find the level of ketones that I feel best at, and being able to check how that is being affected by what/when I eat is super helpful.

I also got a lot of peace of mind from being able to verify that low carb snacks or treats I enjoy aren’t interfering with my ketosis. Keto-Mojo has given me a better understanding of how my ketone levels are related to my diet, exercise, mood, sleep quality, etc. to a degree that I couldn’t have gotten via another method.

Where to Buy + Keto-Mojo Discount

The basic Keto-Mojo starter kit is available on Amazon, but the larger kits with extra strips included are only available on the Keto-Mojo site directly. They come with a discount over buying all of the components separately in addition to locking you in to the $0.99 price cap for ketone testing strips.

All kits also come with free shipping, and you can save an additional 15% off on any starter kit when you order through this link (discount will display automatically in checkout).


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