Low Carb Maple French Toast Waffles

So in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of breakfast foods. Whether it’s keto pancakes, low carb cinnamon rolls, or even a hybrid of the two, I’m totally a sucker for cinnamon, maple, and other breakfast-y flavors, especially as an accompaniment for two of my other favorite things: bacon and coffee. Since I tend to stick to intermittent […]

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McGriddle-style Keto Breakfast Sandwich

In my pre-keto attempts to cut calories, I used to be in love with these microwavable breakfast sandwiches. They weren’t fantastic tasting (the bread was distinctly cardboard-y), but they were pretty good, especially considering that they only took a few minutes to make. Well, I have to admit that this keto version of a breakfast sandwich takes a little longer to make…but it’s […]

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The Only Keto Pancake/Waffle Recipe I Need

So for a while now there’s been variations on the same keto pancake recipe floating around on the internet. I think the first place I saw some version of the “cream cheese and egg” pancake was on Melissa Sevigny’s lovely recipe blog, I Breathe I’m Hungry. And there’s a reason the recipe has so many fans: it’s simple, it’s quick, […]

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