Pique Tea Review – Is Pique Tea Keto?

I love tea! I mean, I’m a huge fan of coffee too, but on occasions where I’m either trying to keep my caffeine intake in check or even get a quick little caffeine boost without the rich and creamy sources of healthy fats that I’m used to adding to a cup of joe, tea is my best friend. And in addition to it being a good lower caffeine and/or lower calorie alternative to coffee, tea is also really good for you.

It’s packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, micronutrients that may help to fight stress, improve gut health, and support your immune system. But despite enjoying the taste of tea and knowing the health benefits, I don’t always have the time or patience to brew it. Hot or cold, it can be easy to oversteep tea bags and loose leaf teas, while delicious, can be a hassle to make and clean up. That’s why I was so intrigued when I first heard about Pique Tea.

Pique Tea Review Keto

What is Pique Tea?

Pique describes their product as “tea crystals” which is pretty accurate. Rather than dealing with tea bags or strainers, you simply tear open a packet of Pique and add water. The crystals dissolve, leaving you with a perfectly “brewed” cup of tea with no messy leaves or soggy tea bag to deal with after. They offer black, green, and herbal tea varieties, as well as samplers that let you try out a variety of flavors.

Is Pique Tea Keto?

All of Pique Tea‘s current varieties are completely keto! There are no added sugars or other carbs, unlike many other “tea mix” packets you might find on grocery store shelves, which use maltodexin, corn syrup solids, and other sneaky carb fillers. Pique Tea also doesn’t have any added artificial sweeteners; you can add the sweetener of your choice, or enjoy them unsweetened.

What’s in Pique Tea?

Tea! Obviously. The flavored varieties will have natural flavors added. Peach Ginger, for example, has three ingredients: organic black tea, ginger, and natural peach flavor. The herbal varieties are made from organic herbs and citrus. In fact, almost all of the Pique flavors are USDA certified organic (with the exception of Peach Ginger Black Tea and Passionfruit Green Tea).

Pique Tea Keto

Is Pique Tea as healthy as traditional tea?

Yes! Although processing can often remove some of the nutrients from foods/drinks, the way that Pique processes tea and herbs into crystals actually preserves and concentrates the beneficial compounds found in in them. A cup of Pique Tea has a much higher polyphenol and antioxidant content than a cup brewed from a tea bag. Pique also goes above the USDA certification requirements to additionally triple screen each batch for quality and purity.

Is Pique Tea good?

So it’s keto, it has the health benefits of tea, yada yada…but does it taste good? Well I haven’t quite tried all of the flavors yet, but after having tasted most of them, I have yet to be disappointed. Black tea can be very bitter if overbrewed, but the Pique Peach Ginger and English Breakfast are both spot on. The Earl Grey is probably better than any bagged version of the blend I’ve tried before.

As for the green teas, I’m a huge fan of the Mint Green tea. It’s weird, because I’ve had mint teas and I’ve had green teas, but I’m not sure I’ve ever had a blend of the two. It works really well here, with the green tea helping to keep the mint from being too overpowering or medicinal in flavor. It’s really well balanced. The Sencha is a great base for tea lattes and other drinks, and the Jasmine is flavorful and calming.

As far as the herbal teas, the Hibiscus Mint is my current obsession. There’s something about it that just tastes like spring to me. The hibiscus flavor is definitely up front and center, but the mint notes really complement it, especially when iced. The lack of caffeine content also means I can enjoy it at any time of day.

As a side note, you don’t have to take my word for it. The Pique Hibiscus Mint won Gold at the 2018 Global Tea Championship (which is a thing, apparently), along with their other entrants, the Sencha and Jasmine green teas.

Pique Tea For Keto

Pique Tea Review Summary

So what are my thoughts overall? I’m definitely a fan of Pique Tea. I can’t tell you how many boxes of tea bags I’ve bought in a store only to have them sit forgotten in a cabinet for months because I never get around to actually brewing a cup unless I’m sick or out of coffee. Being able to “brew” tea in seconds has upped my tea consumption a lot, and I feel good both about staying hydrated and also getting in those bonus health benefits from the micronutrient compounds in tea.

I like that there are options for black, green, and herbal teas, so I can choose the flavor and caffeine level that suits me at the time. I also like that there are both hot and iced options. (Some of the teas suggest dissolving in hot water and then adding ice to make a cold tea, but I’ve been able to add them straight to chilled water without trouble.)

And of course, I love that Pique Tea is keto friendly and made without any junk. I used to occasionally drink “sugar free” tea mixes from Crystal Light and other brands but I would much rather have organic tea from Pique and avoid the maltodextrin and other carb fillers in those products.

If you’d like to give it a shot for yourself, Pique Tea is offering sampler bundles with up to 3 boxes free when you order through this link. You can also check out the full offerings of their store here.

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