ZenBar: A Low Carb Friendly Protein Bar

Zen Bar

Now I know the keto community has a lot of overlap with the paleo and whole foods communities, who don’t tend to look too kindly on supplemental sources of protein like bars and powders. But while I really wish that I could consistently hit my protein macros solely from unprocessed foods, there are usually a couple of days a week when […]

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Why I Don’t Fight My Sweet Tooth

Why I Don't Fight My Sweet Tooth

Ketoers everywhere can probably agree that foods like steak, almonds, bacon, and avocado are sensible (and tasty!) choices for LCHF eating. But when it comes to processed “frankenfoods” (like Quest Bars and low carb tortillas) or even homemade copycat treats (like my keto cinnamon roll pancakes) the consensus is a lot less clear. Some people view the desire for something […]

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