Keto Krate September 2017 Review

Keto Krate September Review

I’ve been getting Keto Krate for several months now, which means I have a good idea of what to expect at this point: about two jerky/meat snacks, a couple other savory/salty snack options, some keto-friendly sweet treats, and then maybe a unique ingredient or pantry item. I’ve been happy with my Keto Krates so far, soI figured this month would be likely to keep […]

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Top Five Must Have Tools for a Keto Kitchen

Top 5 Tools For a Keto Kitchen

One of the biggest concerns I hear from people who are considering or just beginning their keto journey is that it will be too hard to get started. Eating a high carb diet allows us to rely more on convenience foods, and although more convenient keto options are becoming increasingly available, I imagine most people find themselves cooking meals at home more often […]

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Keto Krate July 2017 Review

Keto Krate July Review

Keto Krate impressed me for the previous two months, so I was hoping the third time would continue to charm. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the July Keto Krate shipped and arrived later than usual, but I was very happy to see it nonetheless. As a reminder, Keto Krate costs $34.95 per month plus a $4.95 shipping fee ($39.90 total), and promises 6-8 […]

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